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Many people are not aware of the many creations that do live both with us and in the wild. If you are a fun lover of nature, then you most probably know what it means to have a real life encounter with a live animal in its natural habitat. There are many reasons behind why people and especially tourists travel from their motherlands and go to forest and other game parks and reserves to see wild animals in their habitat. Some of these animals include zebras, lions, monkeys and most importantly then big five. Many of us have been focusing so much on the big wild animals and forgotten about the small animals that live around us and are a major nuisance. One of the most annoying animals of all times is the raccoon.

These small animals live almost anywhere in the American states. They are well known for their preying habits. These are among the most destructive animals of all times. Since a raccoon sleeps during the daytime and walks at night, it can be a major nuisance especially if it gets into your home. These raccoons live in hollow trees but their favorite is a neglected garage where it can find a warm shelter to live under. Although it is a small animal, a raccoon is a conniving animal and behaves almost in the same way as the cat. It has the ability to stand on its hind legs and do a thorough survey of the surrounding. With its sharp eyes, a raccoon can recognize a human coming in its way yards way and gush to safety. This is the reason why they are very hard to capture especially during the warmer seasons of the year.

I know many of you are by now asking, how raccoons survive and what their abilities are. Well, the answer is simple, these small animals live in an almost same way as the humans, and they feed on both green vegetables and also do feed on any animal they are able to kill. This is the reason why if you have a small vegetable garden in your homesteads, it would be better if you fenced it to protect raccoons from gaining access to it. The reason behind this is because these animals are vet dangerous. One raccoon can damage a while garden in one night while looking for something to eat. This is the reason why the animal control unit normally has a tough time when it is around summer and raccoons are active on each side of California devouring any food material that they come across.

If you do keep poultry in your yard, you should then pray pretty hard to make sure that raccoons do not find their way in your homestead or wherever the birds are. The reason behind this is because raccoons are very fond of bird flesh. One raccoon can devour a whole five fully grown chickens in just a night. You do the math and tell me how many chicken it will have killed at the end of the week. To keep these animals at bay, always make sure that your homestead or yard is well fenced. You can either use a wall fence or a wire mesh wall to keep raccoons out of your homestead. Since they are talented tree climbers, you should not use trees as posts to your fence. When you use logs as support for your fence, you will be creating a highway for the raccoons because they will no find it hard to get into the yard. This is why farmers are advised to use meshed fences around their farms or even use walls instead. Apart from raccoons devouring food materials, they do carry rabies with them hence human encounter can be really fatal.

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