What should I do if I find an orphaned baby raccoon outside?

If you ever find a baby raccoon wandering about, it is important that you assess the wellbeing of the little one. some of the questions you need to ask and find out is whether the baby feels lethargic and cold, if the baby has got parasites such as ticks, fleas and fly strikes, if the baby has any bite marks, if the baby has any injuries, if the baby has abrasions, if the baby has issues breathing, if the baby coat is patchy or matted, if the baby is exhibiting any kind of odd behavior like falling over or circling, and if the baby is bleeding. You can also look around to see if you can spot the mother dead or alive before proceeding.

If any of the questions above is a yes, then you need to know that it is no longer possible to reunite the baby with the mom. You need to find a wildlife rehabilitator as a matter of urgency. Baby raccoons need to be warm to touch regardless of what time of year it is. Orphaned baby raccoons have a very low chance of survival. If the little animals are cold, make sure you get them warm before they get to the rehabilitator. You can be able to create your own heat source by heating up rice or using a hot water bottle. Never attempt to feed the babies unless the rehabilitator instructs you to do so.

You need to note that the baby raccoons rarely get separated from the mums and there are only very few situations that this happens. They include situations where the mom has been killed, or trapped. You can also find them on their own as the mom is moving the babies into a new den and she is only able to carry one at a time. If the baby is trapped and the mother is unable to get them out like falling within the walls in your home, the mother can choose to leave them behind. Sometimes the mother can leave the baby intentionally for other reasons.

Baby raccoons should never be abandoned if they are orphaned and left wandering around. A rehabilitator is their best chance of survival.

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