How to get rid of raccoons in the garbage cans

How to keep a raccoon out of your garbage - If you are an early riser and you notice that your garbage cans are scattered all over your ground or lawn every morning, chances are there are raccoons in the area which is taking advantage of the dark night to pillage your garbage containers. These scavengers are nocturnal so the best time for them to hunt for their food is at night which is unfortunate for many of us to catch them.

These sly animals are easily attracted to melon rinds and corn cobs so if they have found your garbage containers it is very difficult to shoo them away. They are sly and strong so you should try to apply more than one strategy to keep them away or try to change your game plan every now and then.

If you have an empty shed you can place your garbage there for the night and wait for the truck to pick it up early the next day. Do not expose your garbage in an open area where they can easily find a way in. You can also try to place it in an enclosed shed made of steel mesh wires. Just make sure also they cannot reach the container and try to pull it towards them. One thing that could help is buying small netted mesh wires with holes not big enough for their claws to enter.

One useful tip is to use cans with fitted, heavy metal lids. Any animal can easily open and tumble up a plastic can so make sure that you use a container that has a secure hold and with a lock if possible. The lid should be heavy enough so that no animal can easily tip off or unfasten the lid. If you don’t have one you can just put something heavy on top of the can to make sure they won’t be able to tumble it down or try to squeeze them in. The heavier the object on top of your trash cans the better or you can place them in an even surface which they can’t easily be knocked over.

Try to clean out your garbage cans once in a while so that it won’t be that smelly. You can also wash them with soap and water if you feel like it for sanitation purposes as well. Drain it and make sure it’s dry before using it again. Smelly garbage might require you to seal it twice or use several layers of containers before throwing them away into the bin.

For other general tips on raccoon removal, including repellents and trapping techniques, go to the how to get rid of raccoons home page.

You can also try to trick them into thinking there are people around to scare them away. One possible idea is to install a motion detector near your garbage bin that would instantly turn on if anybody is at close range or you can try to use a water hose or sprinkler that would automatically spray if its sensors are touched. One helpful tip is also to use a spotlight with heat sensors so it will just automatically illuminates the area if it senses heat. Another great idea to try is to put on a radio and choose a frequency which runs an all-night program near the garbage bin especially at night. Just adjust the volume so that it won’t also disturb the neighbors. You can also try putting your old clothes on top of the garbage can to let them smell the scent of a person.

Raccoons are sensitive to dust particles in their paws so you can try putting in some baby powder on the lids. Try to spread ammonia on top of the lid or try to use moth balls around the area to cover the smell of garbage. This should be able to confuse their ability to look for food in your trash bins. If you have pets such as cats or birds, make sure as well that their food tray does not loiter around the house because these might attract the raccoons. One option that might be favorable is to have a yard dog. This can help chase them away but if all else fails, just call a pest control company to take care of it for you and be free of your raccoon burdens.

The truth is that trapping is not easy, at all. It may seem simple, like in the above picture, but so many things can go wrong, and almost all attempts I see by homeowners are laughable at best, but harmful to animals and property at worst. Please, at least consider calling a licensed professional in your area before you attempt to do it yourself. Click on my National Wildlife Control directory, which lists experts who I recommend in every USA city and town who can help you with your raccoon in the garbage issue.

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